Carpet Cleaning Tucson AZ


Carpets are a popular choice that we will find in the majority of our homes. They come in many designs and depths but all have one thing in common, they all get dirty. A dirty carpet is not only unsightly, it can also become a health hazard. Spilt food or drinks can quickly turn into mold or become an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Tucson Cleaning Services provide a first class carpet cleaning service to take care of any dirty carpet or rug. Your old carpet can look as good as new once more.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

The first stage of a carpet cleaning service will be to remove any furniture so that access to the whole carpet is achieved. The next stage will always be a thorough vacuum to remove any dust or loose dirt. Following the vacuuming the carpet cleaning can begin. We use a range of high quality equipment that has been proven to remove even the most stubborn of dirty marks. A carpet will often become dirty over time from simple daily use, dirty shoes, dust in the air, and of course spillages will all dirty your carpet. The good news is that all of these can be removed by our team of professional carpet cleaning experts.

Deep Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a highly effective method of carpet cleaning and is suitable for many styles of carpet. Our highly knowledgeable team will quickly identify if your carpet is suitable for steam cleaning. The steam cleaning method allows for deep penetration to the very bottom of your carpet, deep ingrained dirt and stains will easily be removed. An added benefit of carpet steam cleaning is the heat from the steam will eradicate the vast majority of bacteria or germs that may be present, leaving your carpet clean, healthy, and smelling great. We have a wide choice of environmentally friendly shampoos and chemicals that will actively breakdown any buildup of dirt or stains. Our carpet cleaning team will know which choice is best for use with your carpet. Some carpets can be very delicate and will not be suitable for steam cleaning, in this case we can provide a wide range of dry carpet cleaning options. Once again our team will know which is the best option for you is.

Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

All pet owners love their furry friends, unfortunately they tend to make a mess and often make our carpets dirty. Dog hair can quickly build up and become trapped deep within the pile of our carpets. Our carpet cleaning service will completely remove all traces of any dog or cat hair, as well as any other stains or dirt left behind from our pets.

Rug Cleaning

In addition to our carpet cleaning we also provide a full rug cleaning service to restore your rugs back to perfect condition. Our team have many years’ experience of cleaning rugs. We know that many rugs can be delicate and need to be treated with care. Oriental rug cleaning is a prime example of this, our experts know exactly how best to deal with such rugs.

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