Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Tuscon AZ


Furniture cleaning as well as our other upholstered household items are important to keep clean. We often spend a lot of time relaxing in our favorite chair or on the sofa, this can lead them to becoming dirty and possibly unhygienic, probably not the best place to spend our free time. A regular deep furniture cleaning service will often be the answer to keeping all of your furniture and upholstery in a great condition. On many occasions your manufactures warranty may also become invalid if you cannot prove that regular cleaning by a professional cleaning company has been undertaken. Following any upholstery or furniture cleaning service we will provide you with a full and detailed invoice that clearly states the work that has been carried out.

Sofa Cleaning

Our home sofa is a place that many of us like to spend a lot of time, reading, watching television or just simply relaxing. This can lead to a buildup of dirt and grime that has been transferred from our clothing, hot days may also leave you sweating which will also pass into a fabric sofa. Tucson Cleaning Services furniture and upholstery cleaning can fully restore your sofa or favorite arm chair back to a great condition that is perfect for spending your evenings and free time relaxing. A clean sofa is not only a healthy place to spend your time, it will also create a great fresh look to your living room.

Furniture Steam Cleaning

As with our carpet and rugs many of our residential furniture can be suitable for a deep steam cleaning service. The same benefits of carpet steam cleaning can easily be achieved for many of our home furnishings. Deep stains and the general accumulation of dirt and grime can be removed with the power and deep action of multiple hot steam jets. All of our environmentally friendly chemicals and shampoos provide an excellent deep cleaning service that will not damage any of your furniture. All of our team have been highly trained to know the very best course of action to be taken when dealing with any of your upholstery and furniture cleaning requirements.

The Effect of our Pets on our Furniture

Even a single pet dog or cat can have a very negative effect on the condition of our home furniture. Even if they are not allowed on the sofa or bed when you are at home, who knows what they get up to when you are at work or out! A molting dog or cat can leave a considerable amount of unwanted hair that can become deeply embedded within the edges and crevices of our furniture. Our furniture cleaning service will completely remove all of these hairs. With many dogs and cats flees can also be a problem, a regular steam cleaning will see any presence of these eradicated. Whether your sofa or any other furniture has become dirty through your pets or for any other reason, Tucson Cleaning Services can resolve the issue to see everything looking and feeling lovely once more.

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